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Cursive Digital is a collection of brand marketing sites with the sole purpose of helping small businesses enhance their brand through directories, reviews, and advertisement. 

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One of the challenges in building your business, evolving your brand, and growing your network is having the ability to drive gainful traffic to your business whether it be brick and mortar or products & services.

At Cursive Digital we believe that building your brand is much more than the social media channel you spend your business equity on. We think that success lies in delivering brand equity through a collection of niche marketing sites focused only on small business like yours. 

Our Business

At Cursive Digital we know that internet marketing is the De facto standard that’s why we’ve built a collection of niche web platfoms that allow our customers the opportunity to reach the target audience specidfic to their business.   

Market Research

At Cursive Digital we build sites that are engineered to help people better market their business to the audience designed for their products and services

E-Mail Marketing

Email Marketing is an intricate  part of all of our platforms. We provide a professional email marketing for customers of our directory, review, entertainment sites.

Google Analytics

Information is the most valuable asset a business can have when it comes to their web property that’s why our directory sites allow for Google Analytics integration.

Experience Analysis

Nothing is more important to us than your customers and visitors expereince on our sites. That’s why we monitor and improve on each expereince so that consumers convert into paying customers. 

Education & Planning

All of Cursive Digital’s brands contain intuative education and instruction on how you our clients can enhance their business using our sites and web properties so that they can acheive the best results. 


Advertise & Brand

Cursive Digital provides your business or businesses with the opportunity to speak to your audience building and expanding on your brand. That’s why all of our properties provide a media and advertising kit.