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Our Brands are your brands. 

Check out some of our properties launched and in development. 

Slot Atlas Business Directory Logo

At Slot Atlas, we ‘re clearly focused on the road where local businesses and consumers meet. Our aim is toward a niche slot machine proprietor market which gives our customers an advantage of not having to compete with every business in the world.

Although Slot Atlas is a paid directory we’re also an affordable, customer-centric, and intuitive listing directory that’s dedicated to helping businesses with slot machines easily list and advertise their establishment on a directory dedicated to their niche market.

Vend Motion

Vend Motion is a long-overdue product review site for the entrepreneur in the automatic merchandising and convenience service industry. Our goal at Vend Motion is to help you find the best quality product for your business.

Movie Petition Site Logo

Movie Petition is an entertainment platform that allows site visitors to launch petitions for movies and televisions shows they would like to see made enter the development process. 

Chi-Town Wellness Logo
Chi-Town Wellness is a directory site dedicated to helping people within the Chicago area find the therapist they need. Not all therapist are the right ones for you.
As a personal endeavor for Cursive Digital we wanted to create a place where our loved ones could get the help they needed as they navigated the Windy-City living out their daily lives. Chi-Town Wellness was born from that endeavour.


Recently, in conjunction with Elastic Guerrilla Marketing, Cursive Digital launched the worlds first directory site for slot machince gambling, Slot Atlas. For more Information visit slotatlas.com today.