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Time spent developing good email automation can only help improve your goals as a marketing professional, but it will also save your organization money. There are five things you need when thinking about email marketing.

  1. Understand Maslow’s Pyramid of needs in relation to your audience
  2. Understand the application your going to use
  3. Be wise of cost of distribution
  4. Lists Management
  5. CANSPAM Laws

Maslow’s Pyramid

Where does your product or service fit within Maslow’s Pyramid of needs? Understanding this will give you a good idea on how to market to your customers. Your goal is to add value to your consumers life. You should always ask how does my product do this?


There are several email marketing options out there. I’m particularly found of Mailchimp (Pay) & PHPList – (Open Source). Although both have their limitations I’ve always been able to find a level of synergy between the two. No matter what application you use, however, you should spend time using it, getting to know it and reading the documentation for that platform. (All of IT)


With email marketing you have to ensure that you understand the way it works. If your using a pay platform you need to asses the cost of sending out emails on a regular basis. The pay platforms charge differently so plan your campaigns and be sure to use them to help generate sales and engagement. If your using an open source application you maybe limited on the amount of emails you can send daily but free to email as many campaigns as you want. Most Free, open source, platforms like PHPList, will integrate with email servers like Amazon SES or Google to help out with the load. You made need this kind of integration depending on how your hosting service and email platforms are managed.

List Management

When creating your forms or importing your email lists, outside of newsletters, it just makes since to ask for as much information as possible. Rule of thumb is to only ask for the things you intend to use. Obviously you want the email address but asking for names allows you to make your email campaigns more personable. Things like phone numbers, mailing addresses, etc… should be asked for on a need basis. Let the lead generation campaign do it’s job. Applications like Salesforce, Sugar CRM give you the power you need to build viable list along with balancing your customer relationship management (CRM.)

Outbound, Inbound Synergy

Outbound marketing isn’t dying but becoming more personalized with the growth of organic list. The best tactic to use, however is to combine your outbound workflows with your inbound techniques and workflows. Focus on your calls yo action on all your print materials and try and develop a journey for your leads that invigorates them, jolts them into becoming a worth wild conversion. New business is always good but repeat business is the best because it’s an indicator of loyalty.