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by | Jan 16, 2020 | 0 comments

I believe in the inception of ideas born from the social synergy that is defined as our modern life. We communicate on levels far beyond our own comprehension and we do it without thinking about how amazing it is. The whole of our existence is grounded by the way we communicate our ideas to one another. We talk without speaking, we reinvent linguistically our connections and the understanding of those connections on the fly, splicing together a variant of cultural tongues to suit our cohesive understanding about life, about one another, about self. This is a philosophical truth if philosophy were ever to be known as altruistic. We are not alone; connected over great distances that are parsed by technologies rapidly evolving aesthetically underneath our fingertips. It is a poetic treatise, a potential tirade in fact, on our existence, an existence that has no predictability to speak of. The directions are limitless and vague, but exciting as well as daunting. Everything we do hinges on our communication and the way we use technology to aid in that communication is literally amazing.

3 important tools for digital marketing communication.


1. Infographics:

Infographics can be looked at as a visual synopsis to the complexities of information. It is a lot easier for the distracted audience to take a peek at your business growth opportunities in a pretty package rather than be bogged down with comprehensive statistical data. zzzZZZ (Snoring) Sure the numbers are important but don’t bore me to death, entice me so I don’t fall asleep on your bottom line. If you’re trying to explain data having to do with objects, then use those objects.


2. Content Promotion and Management Tool:

According to the Pew Research Center 71 % of adults have a Facebook account and 58 % of all adults. These users also hold accounts with LinkedIn, the number one B2B social network, Twitter the number 2 B2B social network as well as Instagram, Gooogle + and Pintrest. Clients want to be part of every social avenue that harbors potential clients and as a marketer it is your job to manage that stream. It may seem daunting to manage so many social networks but if you are doing them individually then you are wasting your time as well as your clients. With so many social media streams out there it is very practical to utilize what is called a social media manager software package.

Not sure what to use? Here is an article by Daniel Zeevi titled, “11 Best Social Media Management Tools.” Published on DashBurst.com, June 31, 2014. (https://blog.dashburst.com/best-social-media-management-tools/) Get familiar with these tools and try and pick the best one for your needs.


3. Analytic Tool

What good is any of your marketing efforts if you don’t have the ability to look at your data? Some of the social media sites provide analytical data for certain levels and aspect of usage but if you need something, there are tools that will do that for you as well. Simply Measured provides Analytics for your social media accounts as well and will export, Excel reports or PowerPoint presentations for your pleasure. On your own site however, you should be using Google Analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics, Buzzsumo, Crazy Egg, or Compete to name a few. Without knowing anything about your visitors, your target audience, you’re really just playing with knives in the dark and you’re not taking the goals of your client and or your organization serious. You can’t communicate elegantly with people you don’t know exist.

Although there are a-gazillion options for marketers to communicate with their target audience some of them are not always obvious. Infographics can be used and shared a crossed your social media networks, of which can be managed via a content management tool and the success of that campaign tracked with the usage of your analytical tool of choice. Those three elements will pave a way for you to better communicate with your target audience. Everything we do in terms of communication is amazing and we need to know that being a cohesive, diligent practitioner of marketing concepts will provide synergy to our efforts in communicating the message.



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Lee Dixon


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